Stadler and Harris Law Firm is a subsidiary of Instant Tax Solutions, which is one of the leading tax law firms in the United States, providing tax relief services to thousands of people each and every year.

Since our company was founded back in 2008, we have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB, and have proudly helped thousands of people finally get rid of their IRS back tax debt. With honesty and integrity as our two founding principles, we have strived from day 1 to treat every client of ours like they were members of our own family.

We have tax lawyers, CPAs and consultants located all across the country, and all of our agents are just a phone call away.

Instead of having the big expensive office like many other law firms, we choose to be more agile, and not have to hike up our prices to pay for expensive offices and extra staff. We believe that we should be passing that savings on to you our clients.

So if you are in need of help with your IRS back tax issues, and don’t know where else to turn to, let our firm of experts help you right away!